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Listings for Friday, June 3, 2022.


  • Egg Day
  • 1539 Hernando De Soto claims Florida for Spain
  • 1621 Dutch West India Company receives charter for "New Netherlands"
  • 1770 Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo founded in California
  • 1789 Alex Mackenzie began exploration of Mackenzie River
  • 1888 "Casey at the Bat" is first published (by the SF Examiner)
  • 1934 Dr Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin knighted.
  • 1935 French "Normandie" sets Atlantic crossing record: 1077 hours.
  • 1937 Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor marries Wallis Warfield Simpson.
  • 1942 Battle of Midway begins: first major battle won by airpower.
  • 1948 200 inch Hale telescope dedicated at Palomar Observatory.
  • 1949 "Dragnet" is first broadcast on radio (KFI in Los Angeles).
  • 1965 Gemini IV is launched Ed White first American to walk in space
  • 1976 US presented with oldest known copy of Magna Carta
  • 1980 Crew of Soyuz 36 returns to Earth aboard Soyuz 35

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