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Listings for Tuesday, December 10, 2019.


  • Geminid meteor shower, radiant in Gemini
  • Human Rights Day, a United Nations observance.
  • 1520 Martin Luther publicly burns the papal edict demanding he recant.
  • 1817 Mississippi becomes 20th state
  • 1869 Women granted right to vote in Wyoming Territory
  • 1898 Spanish-American War ends - US acquires Guam from Spain
  • 1901 first Nobel Peace Prizes (to Jean Henri Dunant, Fr‚d‚ric Passy).
  • 1906 Theodore Roosevelt (first American) awarded Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 1920 President Woodrow Wilson receives Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 1948 UN Genl Assembly adopts Universal Declaration on Human Rights
  • 1950 Ralph J. Bunche (1st black American) presented Nobel Peace Prize
  • 1963 Zanzibar gains independence from Britain
  • 1975 A. Sakharov's wife Yelena Bonner, accepts his Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 1982 Soyuz T-5 returns to Earth, 211 days after take-off
  • 1986 Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel accepts 1986 Nobel Peace Prize

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